8 Rarest League of Legends Icons


While League of Legends boasts an extensive collection of icons, ranging from whimsical to awe-inspiring, a select few remain shrouded in mystery, whispered about in hushed tones among enthusiasts. These elusive icons are a testament to extraordinary feats, limited-time events, or even secret quests that only the most dedicated summoners have managed to conquer.

Join us on a journey through the rarest League of Legends icons, where we unveil the legends behind their acquisition, explore their captivating designs, and delve into the tales of triumph that accompany them. Prepare to be enthralled by the pursuit of these treasures as we celebrate the true collector’s pride in the League of Legends universe.

8. Radiant Wukong

Riot Points:1350
Theme:Season 6
Type:Lunar Revel AU

Radiant Wukong Image source:BLIX.GG

TheRadiant Wukongicon is a sought-after cosmetic item in League of Legends (LOL). As a monkey-like champion, Wukong has unique abilities that make him a player favorite. The Radiant Wukong Icon is a premium cosmetic that players can purchase using in-game currency or real money. This exclusive icon displays Wukong wielding his staff while surrounded by radiant energy.

The icon enhances a player’s profile and showcases their preference for the martial artist Wukong. LOL icons can be used in-game, on a player’s profile, or as a profile picture on social media.

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Fans of Wukong may also enjoy the champion’s unique skins, emotes, and other cosmetics available in-game.

7. Rengar Plush in the Jungle

Riot Points:250
Theme:Merch Store Promotion
Type:Merch Store Icon

Rengar Plush in the Jungle Image source:Reddit

TheRengar Plush in the Jungleicon is a special icon featuring the champion Rengar, a ferocious predator known for his hunting prowess. The icon depicts Rengar in a cute and playful form, resembling a plush toy, while still capturing his fierce and wild nature. The Rengar plush icon embodies the lighter side of Rengar’s character and serves as a fun and adorable representation of the champion.

It appeals to players who enjoy Rengar’s gameplay or are fans of the character’s design and lore. The icon also adds a touch of whimsy to the game, providing players with a lighthearted alternative to the more serious and intense aspects of League of Legends.

6. Perfect Ascension

Riot Points:250
Theme:Game Modes
Type:Mission Icon

Perfect Ascension Image source:League of Legends

Ascension is a featured game mode in League of Legends, which is periodically available for a limited time. In the Ascension game mode, players battle it out on a map called the “Crystal Scar” with the objective of obtaining the “Ascension” buff.

This powerful buff grants enhanced abilities and stats to the player who secures it, making them a formidable force on the battlefield. The Perfect Ascension Icon is a prestigious reward granted to players who achieve a flawless victory in the Ascension game mode.

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To earn this icon, a player’s team must win the match without allowing the opposing team to obtain the Ascension buff at any point during the game.

5. Season Two Championship

罕见:Very Rare
Riot Points:250
Theme:World Championship
Type:Redeemed Icon

Season Two Championship Image source:Surrender at 20

TheSeason Two Championship Iconin League of Legends (LoL) is a highly coveted and prestigious icon that signifies a player’s skill and achievement in the game. This icon is obtained by reaching a certain rank or participating in the Season Two Championship tournament.

Obtaining the Season Two Championship Icon is challenging for players who did not participate in the tournament. It requires reaching the Platinum rank in the game’s ranked mode, which is no mean feat. However, the satisfaction of obtaining this icon is high and is a marker of a player’s dedication and skill in LoL.

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The Season Two Championship was a major event in the history of LoL esports, where the world’s best teams competed against each other for the coveted title and a prize pool of $2 million.

4. Hextech Hard Candy

罕见:Very Rare
Riot Points:250
Theme:Sugar Rush
Type:Mission Icon

Hextech Hard Candy Image source:LeagueFeed

This icon is part of theHextech制作系统, which allows players to earn in-game resources to unlock various items, such as champions, skins, and icons. To obtain the Hextech Hard Candy LOL Icon, players need to acquire ten Hextech Chests. These chests are earned by playing and winning games or purchasing them with real money. Once a player has ten chests, they can combine them into a Hextech Key.

Using this key, they can unlock a Hextech Chest to receive a random reward, which may include the Hextech Hard Candy LOL icon. While the Hextech Hard Candy LOL Icon has no impact on gameplay, it is popular among players who enjoy collecting cosmetic items.

Did You Know?

Some players will even buy Hextech Chests in bulk for a higher chance of unlocking the icon.

3. Challenger 3 Solo 2014

罕见:Very Rare
Riot Points:250

Challenger 3 Solo 2014 Image source:BLIX.GG

介绍L的挑战者层eague of Legends was a transitional phase between Diamond Players and professional players. While the Master tier played a similar role, the Challenger tier presented a unique and more challenging experience. In the 2014 season, players who achieved the Challenger Tier 3 rank were rewarded with a special icon.

This icon holds significance among professional players, as it signifies their accomplishment and dedication. Consequently, many current professional players often possess this exclusive icon, making it a symbol of their expertise. However, it remains a rare sight for players who do not fall into the professional category.

2. Master Beta Tester

罕见:Very Rare
Riot Points:250
Theme:Early Adopter
Type:Distributed Icon

Master Beta Tester Image source:Surrender at 20

TheMaster Beta Testericon in League of Legends is given to players who participated in the beta testing phase. However, there’s a requirement to obtain this icon that adds an extra level of challenge. In addition to participating in the beta, players needed to rank among the top 500 players in their respective regions.

This is why the word “master” is included in the icon’s name, signifying mastery of the game during the testing period. Due to the combination of participating in the beta and achieving a high rank, the Master Beta Tester icon is considered one of the rarest icons in League of Legends. It’s a unique and coveted symbol among players.

1. Grand Master Beta Tester

罕见:Extremely Rare
Riot Points:250
Theme:Early Adopter
Type:Distributed Icon

Grand Master Beta Tester Image source:League of Legends Wiki – Fandom

The Grand Master Beta Tester is considered the rarest LOL icon ever.This particular icon is extremely rare and difficult to obtain. It is so elusive that it is virtually impossible even to catch a glimpse of it, let alone acquire it. If an icon in the game seems unattainable, it would be this one. When League of Legends was in its beta stage,only the top 100 playersin each region were granted this icon.

At that time, the game didn’t have the massive player base it currently enjoys, so the overall population of LoL was much smaller. When encountering this icon, it signifies that you are facing opponents in League of Legends who possess extensive experience and knowledge of the game.


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