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Monopoly is one of the most played board games around the world. Over the years, hundreds of different editions have been released. Sometimes these editions are very limited with low production numbers, making them rare and valuable. Typically, the rarest versions of Monopoly are early editions from Charles Darrow or Parker Brothers.

Honorable Mention: The Landlord’s Game

Estimated Number in Existence or Produced:Unknown – very few exist today
Year Released1906
Estimated Value:$50,000 (typical price at auction)
The Landlord's Game
photo source:landlordsgame.info

Monopoly wouldn’t exist without Elizabeth Magie’sThe Landlord’s Game. Magie’s game, which was based on the economic principles of Georgism, directly inspired Charles Darrow’s version of Monopoly. Between 1902 to 1903, Magie designed The Landlord’s Game and filed a patent in 1904. Around 1906, Magie and fellow Georgists formed Economic Game Company to produce and sell The Landlord’s Game.

Magie tried to sell the game to Parker Brothers, but it was rejected for being too complicated. Despite this, The Landlord’s Game grew in popularity through word of mouth. Eventually, Parker Brothers did buy The Landlord’s Game in 1939, but it was quickly discontinued due to poor sales since Monopoly had exploded in popularity a few years earlier.

Due to its limited production, first editions of The Landlord’s Game are incredibly rare.

  1. 1973 Braille Edition
  2. Estimated Number in Existence or Produced:Unknown – limited run
    Year Released1973
    Estimated Value:Unknown
    1973 Braille Edition
    photo source:Worth Point

    In 1973, Parker Brothers released aBraille Edition of Monopolyfor the very first time. To accommodate the visually impaired, this Braille Edition of the game features a hard plastic Braille cover that rests on top of the game board. Additionally, the property deed cards are larger than normal because they feature enlarged text as well as Braille. The money is printed on thicker paper with the denomination embossed in the upper left corner and the lower right corner. Not very many of the 1973 Braille Editions are around still, but a few have been auctioned.

    Did you know?

    The Braille Edition of Monopoly comes in a large plain cardboard box since the game board cannot be folded up because of the plastic Braille covering.

  3. Trade Mark Edition
  4. Estimated Number in Existence or Produced:25,000 produced
    Year Released1935
    Estimated Value:$350 – $1,000 (typical price at auction)
    Trade Mark Edition
    photo source:sundownfarmandranch.com

    Like Charles Darrow, Parker Brothers made several editions of Monopoly in the early days. One of the rarest of these early Monopoly games is the1935 Trade Mark Edition. This version, called #9, of the game was modeled after Darrow’s White Box. However, the Parker Brothers version included 10 metal tokens as well as double the money supply that Darrow had provided. Parker Brothers also produced a Trade Mark Edition of the game based on Darrow’s smaller Black Box.

    Did you know?

    The #9 Trade Mark Edition of Monopoly featured houses that were painted while the #7 Trade Mark Editions had dyed houses.

  5. Patent Pending Edition
  6. Estimated Number in Existence or Produced:c.10,000+ produced
    Year Released1935
    Estimated Value:$300 – $900 (typical price at auction)
    Patent Pending Edition
    photo source:sundown-farm-and-ranch.com

    Immediately after Parker Brothers bought Monopoly from Charles Darrow, the company helped him file a U.S. Patent for the game. However, Parker Brothers wasted no time manufacturing and producing Monopoly games and slapped aPatent Pendinglabel on the boxes. About 10,000 or so of the Patent Pending Edition of Monopoly were produced. Although there were many copies of this version of Monopoly in circulation, it is quite rare to find a complete set today.

    Did you know?

    One of the biggest changes that Parker Brothers made to Charles Darrow’s Monopoly was to add the now iconic tokens.

  7. Darrow Black Box
  8. Estimated Number in Existence or Produced:7,500 produced
    Year Released1935
    Estimated Value:2美元,000 (typical price at auction)
    Darrow Black Box
    photo source:worldofmonopoly.com

    Charles Darrow made several versions of Monopoly before it was officially picked up by Parker Brothers. The last version of the game he made, which is known as theDarrow Black Box, came out in 1935, right before Parker Brothers acquired the game. Darrow produced about 7,500 of the Black Box Monopoly games. After Parker Brothers bought the rights to Monopoly, they received the remaining stock of 5,900 Black Box sets.

    Did you know?

    While the Darrow White Box was large enough to fit the Monopoly game board, the Darrow Black Box was only large enough to hold the game pieces, cards, rules, and money. The game board came separate and Darrow Black Boxes that go up for auction are often missing the board.

  9. 3D Monopoly New York Edition
  10. Estimated Number in Existence or Produced:2,000 produced
    Year Released2013
    Estimated Value:$500 (original price)
    3D Monopoly New York Edition
    photo source:Monopoly Wiki

    In 2013, pop artist Charles Fazzino released a 3D version of the game themed around New York City. Fazzino only produced 2,000 3D MONOPOLY®: The Fazzino New York Edition as they were intended to be a special collector’s edition of the beloved game. Each of the 2,000 games were hand-signed and numbered by Fazzino. Some of the special features of this edition of Monopoly include: six custom Fazzino-designed New York City-themed pewter Monopoly tokens; custom Fazzino-designed Money and Title Deed, Chance, and Community Chest Cards; custom Fazzino-designed Wood houses and Hotels; and a wooden Banker’s Tray.

    Did you know?

    适应查尔斯Fazzino所有的3 d作品, the 3D MONOPOLY®: The Fazzino New York Edition board is much larger than a traditional Monopoly board and it is set 2” deep dark hardwood cabinet with tempered glass top.

  11. Darrow White Box
  12. Estimated Number in Existence or Produced:1,000 produced
    Year Released1933 – 1934
    Estimated Value:$6,256 (eBay sale)
    Darrow White Box
    photo source:sundown-farm-and-ranch.com

    帕克兄弟决定买之前查尔斯达ow’s version of Monopoly, Darrow decided to produce the game himself. Initially, Darrow and his family were hand making games, but Darrow eventually found a small manufacturer. These early Monopoly games were packaged in a white box and came with the game board, a set of Darrow’s rules, money, and all the other pieces needed to play the game. According to several sources, only about 1,000 of theDarrow White Boxsets were produced. Due to the age of Darrow White Box Monopoly sets and its fairly low production number, a complete set in any condition is hard to come by and typically sells for a few thousand dollars.

    Did you know?

    The Monopoly boards in the early Darrow White Boxes were 23 inches and the board was later reduced to 19 inches.

  13. 1991 Last Edition
  14. Estimated Number in Existence or Produced:650 produced
    Year Released1991
    Estimated Value:2美元67 (eBay sale from 2012)
    1991 Last Edition
    photo source:Google Arts and Culture

    In 1991, the original Parker Brothers manufacturing plant in Salem, Massachusetts was shut down after more than 100 years in operation. Parker Brothers had been making and selling Monopoly since 1935, but Hasbro took over the company in 1991. To commemorate Parker Brothers shutting down, the company’s management produced 650 limited edition Monopoly games for each of its employees. Each one of the boxes has “Last editionPublished in Salem, Massachusetts” printed on it. The Last Edition Monopoly game was never released to the public, making it incredibly rare.

    Did you know?

    The Last Edition Monopoly has many special features from a traditional Monopoly game, including: the signatures of each Parker Brothers’ plant employee printed on the front of the board, a gold Uncle Pennybags token, the hotels and houses are blue and gray, and the signature of former Parker Brothers’ President John Moore.

  15. 1,000,000 Edition
  16. Estimated Number in Existence or Produced:100 produced
    Year Released2007
    Estimated Value:Unknown – none have come up for sale
    1,000,000 Edition
    photo source:artsandculture.google.com

    In 2007, Winning Moves Games, produced a limited1,000,000 Edition of Monopolyto celebrate the company’s millionth copy of Monopoly. Not much is known about this edition of Monopoly other than the fact that only 100 copies were produced. The 1,000,000 Edition was released in the UK and features UK landmarks instead of the traditional Monopoly landmarks.

    Did you know?

    While Monopoly is currently produced by Hasbro, some smaller game companies, like Winning Moves, have limited rights to manufacture and sell certain versions of the game.

  17. Original Hand-Made Game
  18. Estimated Number in Existence or Produced:Unknown for sure, but very few in existence
    Year Released1933
    Estimated Value:$120,000 (price paid at auction in 2011)
    Original Hand-Made Game
    photo source:Daily Mail UK

    Although he wasn’t actually the games inventor (even though he claimed he was and even convinced Parker Brothers), Charles Darrow is credited with popularizing Monopoly and being the designer of the game as we know it today. Around 1933, Darrow began making hand-drawn Monopoly sets to give to friends and family. These early sets were made on round pieces of oil-cloth and Darrow drew the designs for the properties himself. His wife and son colored in the property spaces and made the title deed cards and Chance and Community Chest cards.

    To help his family survive the Great Depression, Darrow began selling these sets and is said to have produced about one or two a day. While these early hand-made Darrow Monopoly boards rarely turn up, one set was sold in 2011 for about $120,000. It is believed to be theoldest-known Monopoly set.

    Did you know?

    Charles Darrow’s greatest contribution to the Monopoly board game was codifying the rules. Before Darrow wrote down the rules, most people just played the game how they were taught by others.

  19. Sidney Mobell Monopoly
  20. Estimated Number in Existence or Produced:1 produced
    Year Released1988
    Estimated Value:2美元Million
    Sidney Mobell Monopoly
    photo source:Museum of American Finance

    In 1988, jeweler Sidney Mobell crafted a one-of-a-kind 23-karat黄金垄断, making it the rarest Monopoly board game ever in the world.Each of the iconic Monoply game pieces were made out of 18-karat solid gold. The little number dots on the dice are diamond studs, and all of the Monopoly money was printed on gold paper. The hotels and houses were also decked out with rubies and sapphires. In total, the unique Monopoly set was worth $2 million.

    Mobell created the golden Monopoly game to be the featured showpiece at the 1988 World Monopoly Tournament in London.

    Did you know?

    Sidney Mobell’s Monopoly set was never sold to anyone, but it currently is housed at the Smithsonian Museum.


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