10 Rarest Beyblades Ever Made


First released in Japan in 1999, Beyblades have since become a popular international franchise. They take the concept of spinning tops to another level, offering intricate designs, storylines and modifications to generate action packed battles both onscreen and in real life. While actual Beyblades don’t have magical properties like the ones in anime or manga, they still feature exciting elements perfect for trading with friends or entering competitions. Read below to learn more about the rarest Beyblades ever made.

  1. Takara Tomy Hollow Deathscyther
  2. Cost: $79.99
    Hollow Deathscyther
    photo source: Takara Tomy

    The Hollow Deathscytheris the prize Beyblade from Takara Tomy’s Random Booster Vol. 23, released in December 2020. With a purchase of a random booster pack, customers have about a one in eight chance of getting a particular Beyblade. It features an icy color scheme with a flame shaped frame.

    Did you know:

    Takao Aokicreated the “Beyblade” manga, which was developed into several successful television series.

  3. Takara Tomy B-173 01 Infinite Achilles Dimension’ 1B Burst Surge Beyblade
  4. Cost: $159.99
    Takara Tomy B-173
    photo source: Takara Tomy

    这个玩具是一个随机的两个奖Beyblades嘘ster Vol. 22 set. It features an exciting, multicolored frame design inspired by the Greek warrior Achilles. It has several special moves, including Infinite Guard, Infinite Buster, Infinite Attack and Infinite Sword. Takara Tomy releases random booster sets regularly, offering each Beyblade within the set separately. Each set features more limited edition/rare Beyblades, like this one. This Beyblade also came with a blue Infinite Sword.

    Did you know:

    The other prize Beyblade from Random Booster Vol. 22 came with ayellow Infinite Shield.

  5. Takara Tomy Killer Befall/Beafowl
  6. Cost: $179.99
    Takara Tomy Killer Befall/Beafowl
    photo source: Takara Tomy

    Killer Befall/Beafowl isthe prize Beyblade from Takara Tomy’s Random Booster Vol. 6, which was released in December 2010. Notably, a common version of this Bey was released as part of a starter pack in the United States and Europe in 2011. This pink Bey features a peacock emblem on its face, a reference to “Pavo,” a constellation that resembles the bird. The Bey’s alternate name “Beafowl” is also a reference to birds.

    Did you know:

    Evil Befall/Beafowl is the hundredth Beyblade introduced in the Beyblade – Metal Saga series.

  7. TAKARA TOMY Gold Venom Diabolos Burst Rise GT Beyblade B-145
  8. Cost:$169.99
    TAKARA TOMY Gold Venom Diabolos Burst Rise GT Beyblade B-145
    photo source: Beytoys.com

    Thisall gold Beybladepart of a set that includes special recolors of popular Beys. TheVenom Diaboloswas originally released in 2019. It normally features a red and gold color scheme. Within Beyblade canon, this Beyblade appears first in the eleventh episode of the anime “Beyblade Burst GT.” It belongs toDelta Zakuro, a stand-offish blader recognizable by his aquamarine hair.

    Did you know:

    Thefirst Beyblade television seriespremiered in 2001 and continued until 2005.

  9. Takara Tomy Orichalcum Outer Octa Burst
  10. Cost: $99.99
    Takara Tomy Orichalcum Outer Octa Burst
    photo source: Takara Tomy

    Exclusive to Japan,this Beybladewas part of Takara Tomy’s“Rare Bey Get Battle”campaign, in which players used the Beyblade app to earn points and get one of seven rare Beyblades unavailable elsewhere. The Orichalcum Outer Octa Burst was released in 2017 and features an intricate design on its frame and body. It also has two grooved claws near its point to help with burst resistance.

    Did you know:

    In the television and manga series, Beyblades aren’t just spinning discs. They also feature sentient spirits calls“Bit-beasts”或“化身”互相战斗的the tops spin.

  11. Takara Tomy Gold Ace Dragon Burst Rise GT
  12. Cost:$99.99
    Takara Tomy Gold Ace Dragon Burst Rise GT
    photo source: Beys and Bricks

    This rare Beybladeis unique in the style of its release and limited quantities. Rather than a full Bey, Takara Tomy released components of the Gold Ace Dragon during the “Beyblade Burst Gold Turbo” Get Campaign. Finding and compiling this Beyblade during its initial release was already difficult, acquiring the pieces today is even more challenging. Thankfully, a few sellers have completed Gold Ace Dragons, but it certainly detracts from the assembly experience!

    Did you know:

    The Beyblade franchise features almost exclusively male protagonists. An alternate universe manga called“Battle Saint Lolita”rethought Beyblade with their female counterparts.

  13. Takara Tomy Mercury Anubius 85XF Metal Fury WBBA
  14. Cost:$169.99
    Takara Tomy Mercury Anubius 85XF Metal Fury WBBA
    photo source: Tamara Tomy

    The Mercury Anubius 85XF Metal Fury Beybladewas a prize offered to those who won the Japan-onlyBey Ta 1 machine arcade gameor attended a tournament hosted by theWorld Beyblade Battle Associationin Japan. With a limited release through such exclusive means, this Beyblade is among the rarest of the rare and considered a prize collectible today. It features a blue frame and body with a purple center sticker in the style of the Egyptian god Anubis.

    Did you know:

    In Beyblade lore, the Mercury Anubius is owned byYuki Mizusawa, one of the main protagonists in the series.

  15. Takara Tomy Phantom Orion Skeleton Version
  16. Cost:$239.99
    Takara Tomy Phantom Orion Skeleton Version
    photo source: Beysandbricks.com

    The Phantom Orion Skeleton Beybladeis a limited-edition toy with only 100 ever made. It features a black rim with a clear plastic center and a face bolt that depicts an interpretation of the Orion constellation. It hashigh staminain Beyblade battles, but doesn’t perform as well in attack mode. This Beyblade also features stickers that can make it appear as if the emblem in the center is grinning, depending on how you place them.

    Did you know:

    There are various editions of the Phantom Orion, including some in gold, red and purple.

  17. Takara Tomy WBBA Red Diablo Nemesis – Dragren Version
  18. Cost:$599.99
    Takara Tomy WBBA Red Diablo Nemesis
    photo source: Beys and Bricks

    With only 100 ever made, thered Diablo Nemesis Dragrenis among the rarest of the rare Beyblades. It was part of the Beyblade & B-Daman 2012 Dragon campaign. It features a red body and frame with gold stickers featuring a dragon emblem.

    Did you know:

    In America, Hasbro markets and producesBeyblades. In Japan, Takara Tomy does this.

  19. Zero-G Random Booster Vol. 4
  20. Cost:Unknown
    Zero-G Random Booster Vol. 4
    photo source: TXN/Takafumi Adachi

    TheZero-G Random Booster Vol. 4 setwas supposed to debut in 2013 but was canceled for undisclosed reasons. Fans speculate it was because Beyblade had suffered a decline in sales during previous years or that the anime episodes meant to include these Beyblades would no longer premiere. With that said, no one knows for sure whether some of the set had already been produced, potentiallymaking these the rarest Beyblades of all time.

    Did you know:

    Takara Tomy,the Japanese toy company that sells Beyblades, also produces Transformers toys.


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