5 Most Expensive Hummel Figurines You Can Buy


Hummel figurines are delicate porcelain treasures. They have captured the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts alike, commanding staggering prices that reflect their rarity and timeless appeal. From “Adventure Bound” to the whimsical allure of “Apple Tree Boy & Apple Tree Girl,” each figurine on our list is a testament to the artistry and attention to detail that define Hummel creations.

As we explore these remarkable pieces, we’ll delve into their fascinating histories, the factors contributing to their staggering values, and unveil the stories behind their creation. So, whether you’re a passionate collector or simply curious about the world of Hummel figurines, join us as we uncover the captivating beauty and opulence of these coveted treasures.

5. Adventure Bound

Price Range:$1,000 to $3,000
Year First Released:1950
Height:7.25 in.
Original Sculptor:Theo R. Menzenbach

Adventure Bound Image source:eBay PH

TheAdventure Bound Hummel Figurineis part of the popular Hummel collectible figurines family. This particular figurine depicts a bunch of kids depicting on an adventure. The Hummel figurines are known for their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, making them highly sought after by collectors worldwide.

The figurine was produced by the renowned German porcelain manufacturer Goebel. They have been producing Hummel figurines since 1935. The Adventure Bound figurine was first introduced in the 1950s and is still being produced today. The figurine has become a popular gift for young adventurers or collectors looking to add to their existing figurine collection.

4. Picture Perfect

Price Range:$1,000 to $3,000
Year First Released:2012
Height:8.25 in.
Original Sculptor:Helmut Fischer

Picture Perfect Image source:Carlo Bonte

The title of thePicture Perfectfigurine accurately captures the scene’s essence – three young children and a dog coming together around an antique camera. This particular figurine often fetches a price range of $1,000 to $3,000 when sold at auction in excellent condition, although the final selling price may vary depending on the buyers present.

The exceptional nature of this figurine lies in its rarity, which adds to its allure and value. With a limited production run of only 2,500 pieces, the figurine becomes a coveted gem for collectors. The scarcity of these figurines enhances their desirability, making them highly sought-after among enthusiasts.

3. Ring Around the Rosie

Price Range:$1,000 to $3,000
Year First Released:1957
Height:7 in.
Original Sculptor:Gerhard Skrobek

Ring Around the Rosie Image source:Hummel Figurines

Like the previously mentioned Hummel figurines,Ring Around the Rosieholds significant value in the market. At an auction, it typically commands a price of around $1,000; if in pristine condition, its value can reach closer to $3,000. This valuation is a testament to its desirability among collectors and the enduring appeal of Hummel figurines.

The Ring Around the Rosie original figurine evokes a sense of nostalgia, transporting you back to carefree days of innocent play. Their slightly larger size sets these figurines apart, specially created to commemorate the company’s 25th anniversary. Standing approximately 7 inches tall, these figures hold a truly exceptional quality.

2. Merry Wanderer

Price Range:$1,700 to $5,500
Year First Released:1935
Height:4.5 in.
Original Sculptor:Arthur Moeller

Merry Wanderer Image source:Prop Store Auction

Dating back to 1935, theMerry Wanderer小雕像代表一个在早期的设计e Hummel collection. It portrays a young boy equipped with an umbrella and suitcase, confidently embarking on a journey into the vast unknown. The stark contrast between his determined expression and his innocent, cherubic face adds a delightful touch to the figurine’s charm.

Over the years, the Merry Wanderer has undergone multiple remakes. However, its earliest version stands at an impressive 32 inches in height, holding the highest value in the market. These particular models, with their vintage appeal and historical significance, have the potential to fetch prices reaching thousands of dollars.

1. Apple Tree Boy & Apple Tree Girl

Price Range:$1,250 to $10,000
Year First Released:1940
Height:7.25 in.
Original Sculptor:Arthur Moeller

Apple Tree Boy & Apple Tree Girl Image source:eBay

TheApple Tree Boy and Apple Tree Girlare widely regarded as the most expensive Hummel figurines available you can buy.

While initially created as individual pieces, it is common to find them sold together as a set. The figurine of Apple Tree Boy showcases a boy with an endearing expression, while Apple Tree Girl portrays a girl with equal charm. Both figures are delicately positioned on the branches of an apple tree, exuding a sense of carefree innocence.

The value of these figurines can vary depending on factors such as the specific edition and the condition in which they are maintained. However, the larger-sized versions of these figurines can be extraordinarily valuable, reaching astonishing price ranges from $1,250 all the way up to $10,000.


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