10 Most Expensive WWE Figures


WWE公仔心爱的收藏品for wrestling fans of all ages, but some stand out from the rest. These figures are sought after for their rarity and high price tags that only the most dedicated collectors are willing to pay. From limited edition releases to one-of-a-kind prototypes, the most expensive WWE figures are a sight to behold.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 10 most expensive WWE figures ever sold and what makes them so valuable to collectors. So, if you’re a fan of the squared circle and love collecting rare and unique memorabilia, get ready to be amazed at the prices some of these WWE figures have fetched on the secondary market.

10. Hulk Hogan Toyfare Exclusive

Year Released:2006
Brand:Jakks Pacific

Hulk Hogan Toyfare Exclusive photo source:ToyWiz

TheHulk Hogan Toyfare Exclusivereleased in 2006 by Jakks Pacific, is a highly coveted wrestling figurine among collectors. This particular figure was exclusively offered through Toyfare magazine, making it a rare and desirable item.

The pricing for collectibles can fluctuate, and it’s essential to remember that the value of an item like the Hulk Hogan Toyfare Exclusive can vary based on factors such as its condition, rarity, demand, and current market trends. However, it’s not uncommon for rare and exclusive wrestling figurines to be priced at $1,550 or even higher, especially if they are in excellent condition and accompanied by original packaging.

Did You Know?

Jakks Pacific has a long history of producing wrestling figures for various promotions, including WWE.

9. Corporal Kirchner

Height:8 in.
Year Released:1986

Corporal Kirchner photo source:摔跤Figure Database

Corporal Kirchner, released in 1986 by LJN, is a wrestling figurine from the era when LJN held the official license for WWF (World Wrestling Federation) action figures. Corporal Kirchner was a character based on the real-life professional wrestler Mike Kirchner, who portrayed a military-themed persona.

LJN was a prominent brand for wrestling action figures in the 1980s and early 1990s. They were recognized for their solid construction, detailed sculptures, and accurate representation of the wrestlers. Many LJN figures, including Corporal Kirchner, have become highly collectible due to their nostalgic appeal and limited availability.

Did You Know?

The height of 8 inches aligns with LJN’s standard size for their wrestling figurines during that era. LJN figures were known for their larger size than other brands, making them stand out among collectors.

8. WWE Limited Edition Marble Ultimate Warrior

Year Released:2000
Brand:Jakks Pacific

WWE Limited Edition Marble Ultimate Warrior photo source:Work + Money

The Limited Edition Marble Ultimate Warrior figure is highly regarded among collectors due to its rarity. Limited edition figures are typically produced in smaller quantities, making them harder to find and more valuable. It was released in 2000 byJakks Pacific, a well-known brand producing wrestling figures for various promotions, including WWE.

As the name suggests, this particular figure features a unique marble design. The figure’s body is created with marbled colors, giving it a distinctive and eye-catching appearance. This design element adds to the figure’s appeal and stands out among other wrestling figurines.

Did You Know?

The Ultimate Warrior is a beloved and iconic wrestler in the world of professional wrestling.

7. Steiner Brothers Tag Team Wrestling Set (UK Release)

Year Released:1990

Steiner Brothers Tag Team Wrestling Set (UK Release) photo source:ayanawebzine.com

The Steiner Brothers Tag Team Wrestling Set typically includes action figures of Rick and Scott Steiner, representing their tag team persona. The set may also come with accessories like wrestling gear, championship belts, or a miniature wrestling ring. The specific contents may vary depending on the version or release of the set.

TheSteiner Brothers, comprised of Rick and Scott Steiner, were a popular and accomplished tag team in the world of professional wrestling. This set allows collectors to recreate matches or display the Steiner Brothers in their iconic tag team form.

Did You Know?

The 1990s marked a significant era in professional wrestling, with the Steiner Brothers’ tag team being a prominent part of that era.

6. Bret Hart Blue Card

Height:8 in.
Year Released:1986

Bret Hart Blue Card photo source:eBay

TheBret Hart Blue Card figuremay have accessories that enhance its playability and display value. These accessories could include championship belts, removable clothing or gear, or even signature wrestling moves. The presence of accessories can add to the overall desirability and collectibility of the figure.

It likely includes signature features that make it recognizable as Bret Hart. These may include his trademark sunglasses, unique ring attire, or specific facial and body sculpting to capture his likeness. The attention to detail in capturing the wrestler’s essence is one reason these figures are highly sought-after.

Did You Know?

Bret Hart, a legendary professional wrestler, is highly regarded among fans for his technical skills and contributions to the wrestling industry.

5. Macho Man Black Card

Height:8 in.
Year Released:1986

Macho Man Black Card photo source:Pinterest

The Macho Man Black Card figure, launched by LJN in 1986, is a highly prized collectible with significant value for wrestling enthusiasts and collectors. Standing 8 inches tall, the figure’s height aligns with the typical size of LJN’s wrestling figures from that time period.

It is highly valued due to its rarity and collectibility. The limited availability of the black card variant, coupled with the enduring popularity ofMacho Man Randy Savage, contributes to its high market value. The figure’s condition, including the quality of its packaging, is an important consideration for collectors when determining its value.

Did You Know?

The Macho Man Black Card figure often showcases Macho Man Randy Savage in his signature pose, with his arms raised and flexed, ready for action.

4. Big Boss Man 2-Up

Height:12 in.
Year Released:1991

Big Boss Man 2-Up photo source:Collections – V&A

Big Boss Man, also known as Ray Traylor, was a popular professional wrestler known for his time in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) during the 1980s and 1990s. His character was that of a prison guard or law enforcement officer, and he became known for his unique in-ring style and persona.

The term “2-Up” refers to the scale of the figure. A 2-Up figure is twice the size of the standard action figure, making it approximately 12 inches tall. These larger figures were typically used for promotional purposes or as prototypes during production.

Did You Know?

Hasbro was a major toy manufacturer that produced a line of wrestling action figures in the 1990s based on various WWE wrestlers at the time.

3. Ultimate Warrior WWE Defining Moments Unreleased Granite

Height:6 in.
Year Released:2014

Ultimate Warrior WWE Defining Moments Unreleased Granite photo source:摔跤Figure Database

TheUltimate Warrior WWE Defining Moments Unreleased Granitefigure is a highly valuable and rare collectible among wrestling fans and collectors. It was released in 2014 by the renowned toy manufacturer Mattel as part of their Defining Moments series. This series focuses on capturing iconic moments or matches in a wrestler’s career, and the Ultimate Warrior figure represents a significant highlight in his wrestling journey.

This figure showcases the intense energy and vibrant personality of the Ultimate Warrior, also known as Jim Hellwig. Known for his distinct face paint, high-energy ring entrance, and immense popularity during the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Ultimate Warrior became one of the most iconic figures in wrestling history.

Did You Know?

Mattel, the manufacturer behind this collectible, is well-known for its attention to detail and for capturing the likeness and characteristics of the wrestlers they represent.

2. Moon Belly Kamala

Year Released:1993

Moon Belly Kamala photo source:WhatCulture.com

The Moon Belly Kamala figure, released in 1993 by Hasbro, is a highly sought-after and valuable collectible among wrestling enthusiasts and collectors. It represents the unique character portrayed byJames Harris,also known as Kamala, who gained fame as a Ugandan headhunter in the professional wrestling world.

卡玛拉部落独特而脸部涂料moon-shaped belly emblem became iconic features of his persona. The figure was part of Hasbro’s line of wrestling action figures, which captured the popularity of various WWF wrestlers during that era. The Moon Belly Kamala figure holds significant rarity and value, making it a prized item for fans and collectors alike.

The figure was released in 1993, towards the later stage of Kamala’s wrestling career.

1. Hulk Hogan Prototype

Height:16 in
Year Released:1984

Hulk Hogan Prototype photo source:eBay

The Hulk Hogan Prototype figure is incredibly rare and considered the most expensive WWE figure, with a price of $50,000.Released in 1984 by LJN, this prototype figure holds a special place in the world of wrestling memorabilia. Prototypes are early versions of figures produced in limited quantities for testing and evaluation purposes, making them exceptionally rare and sought after by collectors.

绿巨人霍根,也被称为Terry Bollea, is legendary in professional wrestling history. Rising to immense popularity in the 1980s and 1990s, Hogan became a cultural icon and one of the most recognizable faces in the industry. His larger-than-life persona and charismatic personality captivated audiences around the world.

Did You Know?

It is larger than the standard LJN wrestling figures, making it even more unique and commanding.


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